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    Im running a shellscript...

    ... on my server that searches through my whole server (about 80 GB of files) and replaces a certain string by another.

    My server is a P4 HT 3.0 with 1 GB RAM using Redhat Linux for OS. Now I wonder 2 things:

    * How long would you professionals guess will it take till it finishes? I currently have only one instance of the script running but I need it to finish within 10 hours. So should I let it run on more instances or do you believe it could work through the 80 GB of files within that time (its a very simple script -> only one line of shell code)

    * I have several folders and subfolders on my server that are alphanumeric like e.g. folder1. Now I wonder would it proceed the numeric way or the alphanumeric way?

    E.g. proceeding like that : folder1->folder10->folder11
    or would it proceed that way: folder1->folder2->folder3

    I would need that info to check how much is finished yet so I could probably have a raw guess on when everything will be finished.

    I hope for soon reply thx in advance, dd

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    I don't think that question can really be answered without just running the script and timing it. All sorts of things would have an impact for example system load/disks speed/disk type/file size ect. What problem is it your trying to solve ? I can't help thinking there must be a less brute force way of going about it. Grepping over /usr/src takes me about 90seconds and it's ~700meg. So very rough guess 30minutes for 80gig who knows really, try it and see?

    You can time the script with
    # time ./scriptname


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    thx for your reply script finished already took about 8 hours, but thats fine with me

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