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    Question Bind fails very often

    We have faced to the huge problem with BIND. It is going to be down very often.

    I'm receiving this message from cpanel every 1 hour:
    bind failed @ Tue Apr 19 10:07:01 2005. A restart was attempted automagicly.

    Server configuration:
    RH 3
    Latest Cpanel release

    Please help.

    Thank you!
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    Sounds like cron.hourly is trying to do something with Bind that's causing a restart.

    You may want to consider switching to djbdns. It's lightweight, fast, more secure, and restarts itself automatically thanks to daemontools that runs alongside it.

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    Donboy, thank you for your response! I will check cron.

    Is it possible to swith for djbdns on cpanel servers?
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    Check the /var/log/messages log file during the time of BIND down and check for any zone related errors..
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    >> Is it possible to swith for djbdns on cpanel servers?

    Doubt it. Depends on how "married" to cpanel you are. djbdns is probably not supported by cpanel, but i could be wrong. The good news is, djbdns is pretty self-sufficient. You won't need to mess with it too much after you get it running. Only you'll need to add new domains later using the command line.

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