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    2CO not notifying me on new client signups.

    I run a web hosting service and I signed up with 2CO a little over a year ago. To date their have been a few minor problems and they've been solved fairly quickly. However, within the last month there have been a number of problems and the response time to an open ticket has been non-existant.

    The latest problem is 2CO not notifying me when a new client signs up. In the past I was sent an email, usually within the hour, of a new client signing up and if they had any suspicions of fraud concerning the new clients credit card. About a month ago a new client signed up but 2CO never sent me the confirmation so I opened a ticket. A couple of days later, when there was still no response, so I opened another ticket. A couple of days after that I was finally sent the email confirmation. Support never responded to my tickets or gave me an explanation or excuse or anything. They just emailed me the confirmation approximately a week after the client signed up.

    Last Saturday morning I had another new client sign up and then another one last night. No confirmations from 2CO. I opened a ticket this and am awaiting a response.

    My business does not sell a product that has to be shipped. I offer a service so when a client signs up it is vital to my business that I know immediately so I can set up the new clients account on the web server immediately. 2CO's failure in notifying me is a danger to my business reputation. I cannot afford to have new clients contacting me about when I am going to give them what they already paid for.

    Is anybody having problems with 2CO hurting your business? After the first time it happened I said "OK - things happen" The 2nd time had me going "Hmmmmm" and now this 3rd time has me asking "What is going on at 2CO?" They seem to be dropping the ball and when you make an inquiry to them, they all but ignore you - you are confronted with a wall of silence. It is becoming very frustrating and it doesn't seem like it's getting any better. You cant even get them to acknowledge there is a problem anymore! All you get is silence.

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    Hi Bluecat,

    did u mean the status of fraud test email ?
    if yes, i have the same problem like u after i converted to v2. then the support team from 2co told me that if we didn't get any cancellation email from 2co within 24hours, we can go ahead with our order.

    hope it helps.

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    Hi Alicia,
    The problem is that 2CO is not sending me a confirmation notice on new client signups and not depositing the payment from new clients into my account. At first I thought the problem lay on my clients end so the first time it happened I asked my client if she had any problems signing up. She said no. She didn't get a confirmation email either but when she finished signing up she got a message saying something like "Thank you for your order" - she doesn't remember the exact wording - but to her it looked like the transaction went through without a problem.

    I opened a ticket at 2CO and gave them all the information and asked what's the problem. No answer. A few days later I wrote again. No answer. A few days after that, the money showed up in my account. Support never wrote me about what happened - they never contacted me at all.

    That was the first client there was a problem with. Since then 2 more clients have signed up and the same problem is happening again. I opened a ticket a couple of days ago. No answer. I guess I'll jump through their hoops again and open another ticket tho I seriously doubt anybody is going to answer me. I'm hoping that, like the first time, the money eventually shows up.

    But this is NO WAY to do business. I am looking for another cc processor. They have all but dropped the ball on me. They dont even respond. If I keep using them I will go out of business.

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    i understand your situation because some of my tickets were replied only after one or two weeks time.

    i dun have much choice, thats y i gotta stick to 2co.. wish u all the best.

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    I agree with Bluescat.

    they dont bother to reply your tickets even after 10 days or more. There is no way you can tell them how important your query is, they simply ignore you.

    Also, they dont flag if the order seems to be fraudulent in version 2, and a lot of chargebacks..

    I am also planning to change my cc processor. It makes you sick when cusotmer support is 0.

    Bluescat - did you find any alternate ? if so pelase let me know I am also interested..or anyone else knows of any good sites ?

    - Ali..

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    You may want to make sure you don't have any spam blocking or filtering on your email in use with them

    When we use to use them a while ago, their emails did get flagged as spam sometimes.
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    sprintserve - in version 1, we used to get mail "High Risk Warning" so that we could wait untill order passes Anti Fraud Review Test, but not now..

    what system are you using now ?

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    Check your SPAM filter, as already suggested. 2co has been reliable here for me. If you're having trouble, contact support by ticket system or phone.

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    I currently have our own merchant account. Obviously that's not an option for almost all those using 2CO or is too expensive if you transact less than 1K a month. So I am not going to advice this as an option.
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    I did three tests of tickets.

    Ticket 1 - Not receiving funds from 2co on process date. (submit 14/3) Responce 9 days later, yet with only two sentences to see if I get paid next pay schedule.

    Ticket 2 - Customer can not pay with their credit card. Why? (submit 18/3) Responce 6 days later, lost sale with 2co. (Customer chose paypal after all that).

    Ticket 3 - 2co system did not subtract $4.00 check fee from payment they owed me. (submit 2/4) Responce 14 hours later with a hefty reply asking for clarification. For a change, they actually cared.

    Ticket 3 I sent but was a false incident. I was facinated that they replied so soon.
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    I think I will copy the 3rd ticket title for next time :d so may be I will get quick replies.. I asked a ticket in which title wau "Urgent - help me" and it was urgent becuase of their DISCLAIMER and conversion to V2, and it was last day, I got answer after 7days..

    now again I posted a questions on 16th April and so far (25th april) no answer , here is my ticket title "never recieved payment ? WHY ?" .. luckily my bank confirmed that I have recieved payment..

    2CO support to me in non existent, support is the first thing from which once can anylise the service..I dont like to mess thats why whenever I have chargebacks I dont care much becuase I know they will not reply me. so its useless...


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    Please login into your 2co account and verify the email address that you have setup for notification. We've never had any such problem out of the thousands of payments we've received and I think that the problem is on your local machine or email server. Everytime We think that 2checkout has got the problem and it gets proved that its something with our bank or something on our end.

    do let me know if you find out the actual problem.

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