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    Server with good connectivity with Australia


    Whilst most of my traffic will be US based, my adminstration will be from Australia.

    This would normally not be that much of an issue. However i will be uploading 1 - 4 GB files (single files) to the server. Therefore i need to be sure that the server network has a strong connection to Australia.

    Does anyone have any idea of what dedicated host provider is with a network with such connectivity?



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    Hi Richard,

    Depends what your price range is in Aus. For a 100Mbit pipe you're looking at a few K per month. Where is the administration located? If it's in Queensland you'd be best to make your DSL is a PipeNetworks connected provider and then couple that with a PipeIX connected dedicated server crew.

    Such examples of these are, and

    I'd say you'd be fine with a base level server since finding an upload pipe larger than 1-2Mbit.

    If you want further assistance drop me a PM and I'll give you a few pointers to the best methods to transfer large (1GB+) files easily.

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    What is more important for you? The speed of your clients? or your administration?

    If your clients, go to a provider in the US, where your most of the clients/traffic are. And if more important is your admin function, go to a dedi provider in Australia.

    Good Luck!


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    The customers are the most important factor that i am looking at. Only a small proportion on our user base will be Australia based. Most will be from the US.

    But, i need to ensure that i can get the files to the server in the first instance, ie, have some decent throughput.


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    A user of my gameserver plays from australia and he says he doesnt lag.

    We went with 15minuteservers. Treat yourself to something good. A company that knows what the term company mean and what customer satisfaction means.


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    Maybe get something in the middle like in Hawaii?
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