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    Exclamation [For sale]***Business template***


    I have a business template to offer this time ...

    You can view a screenshot of the HTML at
    The design is unique, it was created from 0 by me, hand coded, not just sliced & exported. And trust me, you will notice the difference.It will only be sold once, to one lucky customer.

    Included with the package

    - a beautiful unique design, which has never benn sold before and will never be sold again.
    - full rights over the template.
    - attractive animated dropdown menus, making navigation simple&quick
    - 3 free supages: these will be created upon purchase, according to the customer`s specifications.
    - a hand coded HTML template, which displays the same in all popular browsers.
    - the PSD of the template, the 4 HTML files (index+3 supages), css files, fonts etc. Brief, everything related to the template.
    - free minor/medium customisation.

    The price for the whole package is 250USD. Additional supages,except the 3 mentioned above, can be created at an additional price. Almost any payment option is accepted, credit card
    transfer is preffered.

    Contact information
    If you`re interested,have any questions or suggestions,please feel free to post here or contact me by PM / email me at harfaspaul[at] .
    Constructive criticism is also welcome.

    Thank you for your time&interest!
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    Great Template! Good luck with your sale

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    Nice Design! Good luck with sale!

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    That's awesome! Love the colours used, how much do you charge for custom work? I'd definitly be interested.

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    Thanks for the positive feedback!
    talkfreelance, please feel free to email me with details on the project and I`ll name a price ... or you name a pricerange.

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    I forgot to mention ... the template is W3C HTML 4.01 & CSS valid. You will see this in the HTML file (not on the screenshot)

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    magnificent template!

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    Amazing design , well worth the money!

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    Thanks for the comments! Still available ...

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    Very Nice Design, have you got anymore work available?

    I would like to have a look.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I`m sorry, I don`t have anything else to offer at the moment, sold it all. But I could customise this template for you, or make a new custom one. Feel free to contact me if interested.

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    Good luck for sale

    Muddasar Anwar
    Cyber Systems

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    Thanks ... the template is still available if anyone`s interested ...

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