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    Professional ISP/Hosting Site for Sale

    Hello WHT readers,
    I am selling this Unique never sold before website, full coded in html, with a rollover navigation (Check it out). You will recieve full copyright and it is yours to own and can do whatever you wish with it. You will also recieve all images, html files and PSD's.

    Payment by credit card(Paymate Australia) or Direct Deposit (Australia).

    Highest bidder wins and recieves the site. You guys start the bidding and l'll see how it goes although l'll lock the thread when I see a reasonable price. Bidding in USD please.
    After payment is recieved, PSD's/HTML may take a few days to be sent due to PSD's needing refinement to suit your business.

    Click below to view the site(Wait for it to load, a little slow host):



    If you wish to see more layouts or a custom layout email me at [email protected]

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    It is a template not a site, sorry - couldn't edit.

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    Anyone interested? Name a price.

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