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    Unhappy Problem in Transfer accounts


    I have 2 servers, one is Dedicated (new) and another one is Reseller account (old server),
    Now I have a problem when I trying to transfer my accounts from old server to new server .

    I come into cPanel of old server's accounts and because of backup option , I send the data to my new server. so my problem is , when I want to restore my data in new server give me this error:

    Restoring PostgreSQL databases....
    No postgresql user found. Cannot find admin util!

    and my account dosen't create completely.

    (I think the problem is not becasue of PostgreSQL database becasue I don't install in my new server and old server)

    Would you please help me?


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    ITS SAYING THAT BECAUSE POSTGRESsql is not installed - just install that on your server and it should work

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    Thank you for you reply,
    but I dont have PostgreSQL on my old server so why do I have such error?

    I dont want to install PostgreSQL to my server, so what should I do ?

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    i cant remember this off top of my head - but i think theirs settings in cpanel somewhere to disable postgres - but it still has to be installed

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