Hello folks

Id like to thank the few company representatives who contacted me regarding job offers after my first employment request over a week ago. Unfortunately, not many of these companies met the standards which I seek from the company I would like to work for. Although there were a couple that I thought met the standards, keeping in contact with them over email and/or phone proved otherwise.

I am seeking a part-time technical support/system administrator position with a reputable company willing to hire remotely.

I am a full-time student residing in Atlanta, GA looking to continue work in the hosting industry. My last employment was with Global Net Access, LLC as a Data Center Technician. Prior to that, I was with BurstNET Technologies, Inc. as a remote tech support for about 1.5 years. I've also worked for several different companies of the web hosting industry. My resume is available upon request; it has a detailed list of my employment record as well as my pertinent skill set and knowledge.

Work Schedule
As I am a student, my working hours will be during the nights of the weekdays and any time throughout the weekends. I also have to admit that my weekday (Monday through Thursday) schedule varies on a weekly basis due to varying amounts of coursework. Therefore, I can't guarantee I'll be able to cover any particular shift during the weekdays. I can work with a weekend work schedule but require flexibility during the weekdays. Please understand that this does not mean I'll be unavailable for work weeks at a time.

Unfortunately, this has prevented a lot of people from hiring me in the past and I did not want to waste anyone's time inquiring for more information from me if they wanted a strict work schedule during the weekdays.

Employment Specifics
Please understand, I am looking for a serious and stable fixed-hour and pay-per-week position. If you are looking to offer a pay per ticket position or compensation with service, please do not waste your time as I will not be interested.

I'd also like to note my preference of companies that have a community of current clients and customers. I thrive in a community. I found this to be the best way to getting feedback from customers if they have any issues. From my experience, I have found that customers are more comfortable with airing out whatever issues they may have publicly. Although this does not seem ideal, as it has a chance to tarnish a companys reputation, I feel that it can be used as an effective tool to be used to improve the company. Of course, this should not hinder any company from contacting me as I can also assist with starting a customer-based community if there isnt one already.

I am a witness to the fact that superb customer service through undeterred communication has always been the determining factor between a successful web hosting company and an unsuccessful one. Ive also realized that allowing customers to interact with each other helps bring out issues that may help companies to take their customer service to a whole new level of success. I apologize for being a bit anecdotal here but I felt it was an important to convey that the most important part in my work ethic is excellent customer service by far.

In addition, Id also like to be able to keep in personal contact with my employer whenever necessary. Professional courtesy aside, Id like to be able to talk on a personal level with my employer so that I may bring up issues that I have or issues that have been reported by customers to give it the attention it deserves. A clear line of communication within the company is as important as communication with its customers.

Please do not hesitate for a second to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or even to simply request my resume. I have included my contact information below. If you would like to converse over the phone, feel free to email me so we can schedule a proper time with each other.

Thank you,
John Hwang

Contact Information
AIM: alphaGTx
ICQ: 182252
MSN: [email protected]
E-mail: [email protected]

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