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    What hosting for the webhost site?

    I'm starting to wonder if I should get my own colo'd box (small, just hosting a tiny website afterall, hell a Mac Mini would do it) because of customer credit card data (any way I can avoid having that on the server?) and stuff. What type of hosting do you guys reccomend? Maybe a small VPS from whoever I get a reseller account with, on a seperate server from the one I buy space on?
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    In order to satisfy you requirement right now, it will be recommended for you to go for the VPS. This will be within your budget as well as you can take a timely call upon how things changes in the future. And if you feel that you want the space or the bandwidth to be increased then you can surely move on to the dedicated server later on.

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    Well... A VPS won't necessarily make your server more secure if thats what your looking for. You could also try to get a host with a firewall, and additional software security measures.

    I personally will not take any CC data for security reasons just to much to worry about in addition to running servers and websites. Home of Generous George the Red Monster.
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    Before you spend the money on additional hardware and network infrastructure, read up a bit on what is required- this page is a good start from the security standpoint, there are several pdf's which outline the necessary measures-

    If you can afford an outside audit by an approved vendor that would be the best way to go as they can get you into compliance with all the CC merchants at one time. Visa is very serious about this, I recommend not storing customer data until you're compliant.

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    I'm most likely going to go with Modernbill + Modernauthorize. Will Modernauthorize handle the CC data for me so I don't have to?
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    Originally posted by g-rat
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    Anyway, back on topic. This is somewhat of a double edged sword. Yes, you definately want to keep security in mind when storing customer data, so you have a few options. You could use a third party processor such as PayPal or 2CO, however some may view those as "unprofessional" if that's all you offer. Personally, I think that's a load of crap, but that's just me. The customer's best interest should always be number 1. Not what payment processor you use.

    Since you mentioned using MB and ModernAuthorize, ModernAuthorize is just a rebranded version of or BluePay, and is a true merchant account. This means that YOU will be storing the credit card data. Modernbill, (and I would hope any other billing app) will provide some level of security by using techniques such as DES encryption.

    Now, the double edged sword part that I mentioned.. it's a good idea to store any sensitive data in a non-shared environment, and I try to stress this to clients as well, but if you go off and use someone ELSE's service to host your main website, don't be surprised if some people are offended. Sure, it sounds silly, but I've seen it, and dealt with it. You're going to have the few people who come up with "If your service isn't good enough to host your own website, why should I trust you with mine?".

    It's just something to think about I suppose, don't rush into anything and explore all of your options. As previously mentioned, a third party security audit would be a great idea.
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    Use a third party processor.
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    Using a third party processor helps, as they keep track of things, maintain black lists, implement and update security features and as well as make customer aware of security threats online. They do charge little higher but then they offer services worth it...
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    Yes, I agree. Use a third party processor.

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    I personally would never handle credit card data myself as you can never ensure the security you have provided is enough.

    For this reason, I would leave handling such data to a third party credit card processor, this means you don’t need to deal with any headaches if anything does go wrong, and your clients can trust making payments through an established and reputable credit card processor.

    Also, I wouldn’t bother with a collocated box to host a small website, it would be a cheaper solution just to purchase a shared hosting account, and then when your account grows in size and needs you can move to a reseller and so on.

    Best of luck
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