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    Do you guys think the following would be of any value? and

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    .net domains dont tent to have any value unless they are great names. reg value for me

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    low $xx

    they would have been worth more a couple of years ago, but I think ircd and bnc shell hosting is very risky due to the large number of attacks on IRC servers in the past couple of years.

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    These domain names in my opinion are still not too bad. I'd say that if you put in a little time and effort and canvassed some server admins in various IRC channels that cater to IRC and BNC shell accounts you could probably convince an owner of a shell provider to give you $xxx for the domains.

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    Personally I would say they could go high $xx or low $xxx to the right person.

    .net may not be considered great, but when it comes to gaming and shell related services people like .net's

    I have seen clans choose .net over .com time and time again because they just like the way it looks. In addition most shell providers will use the .net for their website as they are running a network.

    In addition to above these names would be great for search engines. If somebody was looking for an ircd shell what would they do? Google: ircd shells or ircd shell. In either event having these names would help you show up better.
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