Looking for someone that is good with Vbulletin. The last person I had helping me just split, so please post some sites you have worked on and a few ways for me to contact you (aim, icq, msn, email, so on).
I own a few VB based sites, I am looking for someone that is reliable, and with a lot of experience with mods / some skinning (or editing of skins).
After getting burned with the last VB guy, This time I would like to barter part of the work with cash at the end. I can offer game servers, web hosting, links (one of the vb sites gets 2,500+ unique visits, another gets 1,200), or anything else you can think of, at least 2 of the 7 servers I have are pretty much idle.
Cash / paypal is an option too. Please email or PM me and we can chat more. Thanks!

Webmaster at webnx.com