while no one expects a vps or ded server performance in a shared hosting environment,
shared hosting is expected to provide somewhat more than "free" or $20/year accounts at an average price range of $8 to $10 per month ( starting price level of most hosts discussed in this fourm )

now my question is ( in the background of some recent posts )

is there way to judge for myself what is my system resource usage like the way i can judge and actually see my bandwidth and disc space for which i am billed ?
if it is not there i think there should be some enhancement to cpanel to add this "meter" just belwo the disc space and bandwidth - if it is there already it should be more easily visible

is there way for me to judge live "connections" - apache connections and mysql connections ( and precisely how are they defined may i know ? ) - and a similar meter that shows me i have this much connection out of this much maximum allowed connection

so while this may not be included in the feature list i think this may be a good presales verification to know

how they meter system resource usage
how they meter connections and whats the max allowed connection
policies on backup

while support,server hardware and software,uptime,speed may be same for differnet hosts ( whether own datacenter or not ) at comparably equal prices , the above three things or to narrow it down more the above two things seem to be an important factor for small to small-medium sites who spend in shared hosting, and does anyone know who will be the good hosts in this respect ( search button is of no use ) or how good are the "forum-says-good" hosts in these respects ?