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    Thumbs up Review on the ConfigServer guys

    It's all too common where we always quick to make complaint when someone goes wrong but rarely give praise for a good experience. I had some bad experiences with server management companies so I wanted to give praise to these guys as they impressed me quite a bit.

    One day I was strolling through threads and stumbled upon a thread that someone had mentioned they had purchased the anti spam package that offered for Exim ( I didn't really *need* Exim tuned up per se but I get some spam trickle through and after visiting their site, their services looked good and quite extensive so I figured for $35 bucks I might as well.

    I purchased the Exim package which was top-notch for spam filtering. They installed MailScanner, SpamAssassin (configged with MailScanner), ClamAV, DCC, Vipuls Razor, SARE, Dictionary Attack ACL and a cool front-end type thing for cpanel. They had it installed within 12 hours of my payment. It was all done quite quickly and professionally, all for 35 bucks. Anytime I submitted a question in the ticket all my questions I had were answered within a timely manner.

    What was also quite impressive was that I had noticed lag/slowness and segfault errors in SSH for the last 2 weeks and without me mentioning it, the admin I was dealing with (maybe the owner?) had mentioned that my kernel was what was causing issues on my server and he could fix it for me for free. He ended up fixing my kernel as well. It's not like I was some enterprise customer, I had only paid for a $35 package! Because of how impressed I was, I had gotten them to do a bit of administration work and I was happy with their work and it was done quite quick. They seem to know what they're doing for sure. They offer some pretty competitive server administration packages.

    So to sum it all up, their packages are very nicely priced, they treat you really well, and customer service is top notch. I'd recommend them to anyone needing server administration. They're a rare find in this industry!
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    glad you had a great experience! I'm checking them out right now since my host is becoming quite flogged with spam :p

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