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    how to make your own dns. for your dedicated server?

    Hay guys, we are planning on moving in a couple of months time from a shared hosting enviroment to a full dedicated server.

    Now i have a stupid question not to sure.

    We will be using windows platform.

    and i wanted to ask how abouts do you go in making your own name servers e.g and so on

    and then when you make new hosting accounts get your clients to change there names servers.

    We are not a domain registrar, we are just providing hosting any help will be great

    do we need to do this through IIS or do we need to go through a company etc

    any help would be great thank you
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    most control panels may help you out of there.
    what you need to do is to enter an IP and server name, then, you edit your domain name's DNS settings at your registrar. that's it.

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