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    [FOR SALE] WHM.AutoPilot License

    We no longer have a need for our WHM AP license and would like to make a quick sale.

    The license was purchased on 06/09/2004, I'm not sure what upgrade options are available, you'll have to check with Brandee.

    I'm looking to get $95 for it, please PM me if your interested.
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    The transfer of this license has been approved.

    The purchaser will need to contact me directly, after purchase, to handle the transfer of license to a new domain/IP address.

    In communication, please reference the following number:


    That is the approval number for transfer of this license.

    --> use [email protected] for all correspondence after sale.

    Contact after the sale must be made since the license number that is being transferred is 'disabled' after the sale and a new one is issued to the new owner. This is to prevent 'mulit-sales' of the same license.

    Thank you.

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    How is Brandee ?
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    Sold... Thank you.
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