I have two sites I'd like to sell, below you'll find information about them. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected]


The domain itself is worth quite a bit of money. It's in reference to www.thesims2.com (The Sims 2 Game, the sequel to the best selling PC simulation game of all time, the second is doing very well as well.)

There are quite a few hits per day... average of 396. I have not advertised this domain for over a year. It's hard to say how many are typins but from the people I've talked to, that's how they got there. It also shows up on google, and has recieved a few hits from those.

I'm including the domain, and what is there. I'm owed $100 in PHP work from a guy in romania, if I can get him to work, you can have that as well.

You'll also get the design I paid $225 at yaxay for (contest)


There are 3 pages.

Xbox Modding Business
This is a very easy way of making cash, takes anywhere from one to two hours.

I've started a website.... www.Modmyconsole.com after selling a few xboxes on ebay, over the internet, and locally. (most of them locally)

I haven't sold an xbox through the website (very, very little advertising done) but I have had one sale worth $90 + shipping both ways for modding an existing xbox. $40 parts + $50 labor.

Here is a price to revenue table:


Brand New Xbox - $150 (Best Buy/Circuit City)
Lighting & Case - $60
Thompson DVD Drive - $35 (you may not have to pay this)

Samsung/Phillips DVD Drive - $60-$90 on ebay
Xbox Modded - $250-$375 on ebay, locally and over the internet

- Xbox that came with a thompson drive, and sold for $300 - $90 profit
- Xbox that came with a samsung drive, and sold for $300 - $145 profit
- Xbox that came with a phillips drive, and sold for $300 - $115 Profit

Now, I've sold these for anything from $250 to $375, so there is room for much more profit than just what's listed above.

What's Included?
- Where to buy all the parts. (Cheap prices)
- Website (www.modmyconsole.com) - I'll finish it to your needs. (within reason)
- How to sell them.
- General Help with getting it up and running on your end

What's Required?
- You'll need torx screw drivers, a hot glue gun, and some other supplies.

About modmyconsole.com:
I'll help you finish it, putting in any information that you'd like into the website, and adding a few extra pages if needed. I will not code, or intergrate any script into the design as that is your duty. You must supply me with all the information you want on the website, I will not make anything up or allow you to use pictures of xboxes that I've made.


Nothing illegal is being done to these xboxes, all you are doing is make them look cool with clear cases and lights.

I'm looking for roughly $150 for everything, this is a great way to make some money, and it's my loss.

Why are you selling?
I'm selling because I have a better idea that I am persuing and It has nothing to do with gaming consoles.

I cannot guarantee you the profits that I've made as there is no way of doing so.


I do require a valid shipping address with paypal as I will be sending all the information and the website on a CD to protect my self from a charge back in paypal.

Please place any offers or bids you may have here.

If you have any questions for me, or would like to purchase, please contact me at [email protected]