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    My primary server at was very unstable this weekend.
    It'd crash randomly. Kernel panic.

    Seeing the logs, it seems to be a corrupted DB-problem. Each time I login through ssh, there is a 50/50 percent chance it will crash.

    I needed about 20 reboot requests in order for me to backup the server.

    Each reboot requests was answered within 1 minute.

    Too bad that with kernel panic the DB became more corrupt.

    Luckily I had database replication running and regular rsync to a backup server at too. So after just changing the domains' DNS-records my sites are back up.

    Now waiting for an OS-restore that was answered within 2 minutes by tech support.

    So this for the bashers.

    With less than a minute reboots and fast tech support, the managed reputation has sure scored a high point in my book

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    Yeah, it has improved since they raised their prices.

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    They still unplugged the server if there is "bw violation" and ask for $10 to re-activate the box?
    I hope they changed this bad habit too!!

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