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    Do you know these companies?


    I'm trying to select a new web host (with UK-based servers) and I'd be happy to hear comments (good and bad!) about the following companies:

    > cwshosting
    > kdawebservices
    > k1z (formerly ukwebhosting?)
    > sonnetuk
    > tsohost
    > ukwsd

    I'm particularly interested in the quality of their support, uptime and connectivity issues.

    Many thanks.

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    Bad copy&paste
    Please add
    > catalist2
    to the list above

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    I've never heard any of them, sorry I cannot help.

    Have you tried the search on WHT?
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    I found this great site, it has great reviews on tons of hosts. You can go there by clicking here
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    Including an RSS feed that you can syndicate!
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    Unlimited vs. Unmetered bandwidth

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    We're in funny mode now, hey?...
    C'mon, I've done my homework and came up with a nice shortlist. If someone has good or bad info, I'd appreciate. Thanks

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    I've used SonnetUK's design service and found their customer service and attention to detail flawless. I cannot image their hosting would be otherwise. The user "I, Brian" has posted reviews and comments on them here.
    Watch this space...

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    If you have considered with the list already then why don't you consider to have check with the support quality by yourself. You can send some of the sales query emails to these hosts and check for the support quality. You can also try out the other support quality by yourself may be at odd hours of the day or any other time preferred by you.

    This will provide you an idea as to what can be the support quality like.

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    Thanks Bloory.

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    Never heard of any of those. Definitely check out support prior. Look around here, plenty of good hosts as well Home of Generous George the Red Monster.
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    KDAWebservices is a member in this forum. I suppose you are looking for hosting based in the UK. should help you if you haven't been there yet.

    Good luck on your search!
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    Yes, as stated in my initial post, I'm looking for UK-based servers. Thanks for the pointers so far.

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    I have heard of catalyst2, i used them many years ago before i had my own servers.

    They are good and reliable.
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    I use k1z and they have a good service.
    I never notice any downtime, and adam is a very flexile guy.
    The server where I am is fast (dual processor with raid) and very stable.
    From where i live (portugal) i got 50 ms reply ... so it was a good choice for me.


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    With regards to those companies, I have heard of both UKWSD and KDA - I haven't hosted with either, but from the looks of things, they both provide a flawless service. They both hold fort on and : very nice chaps

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    Thanks for all the info.

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    Never heard of any of them...sorry.

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    kdswebservices...Someone from the website used or still posts regularly on WHT. That name sounds farmiliar.

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    Angry KDA hosting

    I recently opened an account with KDA, I ordered the K100 Special. When I finished ordering an automated message was sent confirming my placed order. Nearly two weeks later, during which a polite email was sent querying my order, I received an email with my account details.

    However the price I was to be billed had changed from 117.50 (100 for package including 1 years domain registration plus VAT) to 135.07.

    I have sent an email enquiring about this, but still have not received any response. In light of this I have now suspended my account, and will now switch to either united hosting, or maybe webconexion, since United hosting is much cheaper, and I have had a good experience with webconexion previously.

    I have found out the reason for for the price increase since, it was listed in my billing profile on the control panel. I was being charged for domain registration, which I can swear by was supposed to be included with the package, or at least that was the impression the I was given when opening the account. I am very careful to check these things (I hold my money tightly since I don't have very much of it), so I can safely say that it was them not saying it, rather than me mis understanding. Besides the final figure at the end of registering put the total at 117.50.

    So to summarize: Very slow account opening, Very slow or no response from customer queries, and unclear billing/hidden extra costs.

    I would not recommend them to anyone, and I hope this review does make a difference.


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    Karl from KDA webservices Replies

    I posted the exact same comment on and here, and Karl from KDA has responded to my comment at forum2. I suggest if you would like to hear his response, and more on this subject, you follow the following link.

    Ok i cant give you the link because I havnt posted 5 posts or more, so I suggest you copy and past it into your address bar and add the 'w's'. Sorry folks.

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    I heard of kdawebservices . They had being around in the web hosting business for quite sometime.
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