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    Game server

    I know this is probably not the appropriate place to ask this, but is it possible to turn a VPS into an online game server for a game like Day of Defeat or Counterstrike?

    I've seen a tutorial about this but I'm not sure if it would work well with a VPS.

    And ALSO, is it possible to use the server for web-hosting and as a game server at the same time?

    Thanks in advance!
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    It's perfectly appropriate

    It's all *possible* but I wouldn't reccomend it due to the large CPU bottlenecks associated with VPS's, if you're running a gameserver, a low end dedicated will serve your needs better, and will run much faster.

    Depending on which game server you want to run, it can or can't be done while hosting sites, I know that some try to run daemons on port 80 which obviously causes issues with serving pages. Like above, its perfectly possible, but don't play about unless you know what you're doing, or get a proper system admin to do it for you.


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    Thanks for the advice, I entertained the idea of getting a cheap dedicated server, probably a Sempron 2600 server with 512 megs of ram since I knew that a VPS might not be powerful enough for a gameserver.

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    Could anyone post some good dedicated game server hosts that also host websites as an all inclusive package?

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