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    (Coders Wanted)

    Hello person, I'am looking for a coder who can do some serious work, and Im talking about some deeply serious work. Im looking for the lowest bidder who can do some major good work. Let me explain..... Im looking for someone who can bargain about $150-$175 for a serious php coder, who will actually take the time to make what I am asking for and takes the/his work very seriously.

    I'am looking for a gaming control panel to be made. This gaming control panel has too work through the persons servers, so we install the gaming control panel on the box and then we can manage a gaming server and set users etc. This is want to work on linux boxes.

    Listed features:
    Admin Features:
    - Support for Linux, Unix and Windows.
    - Advanced news module (display by server game or both).
    - Advanced control over server paramaters and start methods.
    - Automated default installs system, easily keep up to date with our packages.
    - Automated map installer, install maps from the main games install.
    - Automated ordering, setup and notification including PayPal Subscriptions.
    - Automatic password change in the panel and on the server.
    - Automatic Suspend User if bill was not paid by X date after due.
    - Automatic Billing Notices, X days prior, Day of , X days after.
    - Automatic config builder, builds configs for new users based on game.
    - Add new clients/servers and automatically install the game server.
    - Add games or mods to users and automatically install files.
    - Custom "addons" control, create a package for anything.
    - Debugging, neatly displayed debugging messages to help solve problems.
    - Execute custom SSH commands based on user, gametype or all clients.
    - Extreamly secure, uses ssh for all commands, code has extra security checks.
    - Fully integrated trouble ticket system.
    - Fully integrated billing system.
    - Game reinstaller, reinstall the users default game files (admins only).
    - Manage users, suspend accounts edit information, add games.
    - Master server control over slave servers, install games remotely.
    - Modern Bill Payment and Setup integration. (disabled temporarily)
    - Multi-level users, admin, managers, support and clients.
    - Notification system, pre-defined e-mails, e-mail all clients.
    - Queue based install system for admins and order system (optional).
    - Repair users, easily check and fix most common GameCP user problems.
    - Server Monitor restarts dead servers, checks PID and UDP, reports if down.
    - Shared installs for games (linux), 200K installs instead of 1G.
    - Switch user, switch easily to a client to view their panel.
    - Theme support, pick from pre-defined themes, modify or make your own.
    - Teamspeak 2 User and Admin login link.
    - Teamspeak 2 automated server install.
    - Users Online, see whos online, idle time and location.
    - Ventrilo automated server install.
    - Voice communication control interface [stop/start/restart].

    Client Features:
    - Ability to start, stop and restart multiple game servers.
    - Ability to own more then 1 game type but only run 1 at a time.
    - Ability to change password for ftp/ssh and the cp itself.
    - Account cancelation, users can cancel their accounts, suspends the server.
    - Automated map installs, links maps from the main install to the users install.
    - Automated server monitoring, reporting and restarting.
    - Automated payment integration, view paid/pending bills with details.
    - Config editor, quick selection takes users directly to their configs.
    - Multiple game switching, switch between games or mods easily.
    - Payment system supports: PayPal and integration.
    - Rcon control interface, perform rcon commands [most games].
    - Secure file manager/browser, filters out uneditable files, easy to use (and fast).
    - Secure file editor, edit configs, mapcycles and more!
    - Server information, current map, hostname, player ratio, quick rcon, quick restart (if down).
    - Trouble Ticket system, view all or closed, submit new and update old.

    If you can have it done within 3 months as I know this is a massive project and understand deeply the time you have to work on this. Im looking for someone who actually has time for things like this, I have run into a handful of people who code but half of them don't even have the time and energy to even do such thing. - I may even pay up to $230 + give you a free dedicated server dual xeon 2gb ram 200gb hard drive with 1500gb bandwidth. I'am more MORE than happy to provide you screen shots of how I want it to look Im even looking into having icons , maybe have a format of the way cPanel is built the way it looks - do not worry I will provide you with every icon and every peice of design that is needed. I am exited to see who actually will get this job done / who can bid the lowest.

    Thank you for reading such a long message Its muchly appreciated.
    Please contact me through via PM or either respond to this thread. I will check this thread every 2 hours per day to see If anyone has responded to such a massive job.

    I will be hiring more than 1 person to do this job so anyone who can bid low I will hire you to get this job done. The reason why I'am not hiring just 1 person is because I find sometimes It's not very reliable to rely on just one person as in the middle of the project somethings may come up and etc.

    With Kind Regards,
    Blide M.

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    Just some advice:

    Buy a prebuilt one, custom made ones are hard to do. You need someone who can code SSH commands as well not just PHP. Your asking for something that is already made. Why not just buy the software (its cheaper) then get a PHP Coder to expand it if you want something changing etc...

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    Originally posted by adaml
    Just some advice:

    Buy a prebuilt one, custom made ones are hard to do. You need someone who can code SSH commands as well not just PHP. Your asking for something that is already made. Why not just buy the software (its cheaper) then get a PHP Coder to expand it if you want something changing etc...
    I agree. Besides, I can't see anyone doing that for just 150-175, or at least not myself, haha.

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    Yes, go with a already built one, or if you really want a custom built control panel, you will need to pay a lot more.
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    Interesting project, but your budget not serious
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    If I was to quote on a coding project that was expected to take 3 months - it would be in the order or 12-15 THOUSAND.

    Good luck finding someone to do this for 1/100th of the actual value of the end product.
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    Im willing to expand this to $500-$750. Where can I get a good softwhere that has some what these feauteres.

    With Kind Regards,
    Blide M.

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