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    Adobe and Macromedia Merge!

    Adobe has bought Macromedia for an approximately $3.4 billion in stock. Now what will happen? great things I hope, just imagine these two titans combined their resources to create super photoshop or Flash Ultima?

    Adobe Press Release
    Macromedia Press Release

    The biggest merger in a long time!
    This is BIG NEWS btw I am interested to see what happens. Possible Outcome are...

    - Flash has a Photoshop Like Interface (User Friendly).
    - Photoshop and Fireworks merge (PS has a HORRIBLE image compression engine).
    - More development of Dreamweaver and screw GoLive.
    - The merger of Illustrator and Freehand.

    Just Imagine the possibilities. Cheers

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    Re: Adobe and Macromedia Merge!

    Originally posted by Abvex
    - Flash has a Photoshop Like Interface (User Friendly).
    That would be amazing ...

    I'm 100% sure that only good things can come from this movement ..

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    Dreamweaver will probably be the product instead of GoLive.
    Flash instead of that LiveMotion.
    Photoshop instead of well (there's no competition here).
    Illustrator instead of Freehand.


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    I doubt they will get rid of any of those products, they might even keep them under their seperate labels. After all, they're all being sold right? What's the purpose of integrating them, they will only lose customers and sales. Macromedia have developed a very strong brand name and identity, I'd imagine half of their users wouldn't even know they had been purchased by Adobe if they didn't change the name. It's like when time purchased tiny (the computer retailer or walkers producing monster munch and quavers

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    I can only hope they don't cannibalize DW for GoLive "enhancements"...just look what happened to PowerQuest when Symantec took them over...
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    I'm really interested to see what happens with regards to the handoff from graphics to html. Specifically, as it is now, you (well, myself and many many others) create graphics in Photoshop, crop/slice out what we need, then draw the html up in Dreamweaver. There are currently a number of ways to make the handoff, which is esentially from Adobe (Photoshop) to Macromedia (Dreamweaver) including a number of other tools you could use somewhere in there --- this is the area I am very interested in seeing developed - a smooth(er) transition from one to the next.
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    I like the idea of Photoshop and Fireworks combining their tools - some great features in both!!

    Do you know whats really funny - since having been a huge Dreamweaver fan - I am now actually coding XHTML and CSS sites with nothing more than notepad and a browser again.... back to the good old days... dreamweaver was good for the tables .. but it did bloat away at your code - though nothing like Frontpage I might add!!


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    i would love it if photoshop became as userfreindly as fireworks but kept all teh perks it has and the great abilities it has!

    macromedia stock is doing pretty good
    adobe stock is going down the pooper though
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    I bet they'll bid up the prices. No way that everything remains as it is as they state in aquisition FAQ

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    That is really interesting. I hope the combination works. Adobe is so overpriced even though they make some really good products.
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