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    2CheckOut vs. Clickbank

    In addition to PayPal, I'd like to offer an alternative. The choice has narrowed down to 2CheckOut and ClickBank.

    Please let me know your experiences with 2CO and CB--the pros & cons.

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    Clickbank is really great, the only drawback I see is that they don't support recurring transactions.
    Can't think of anything positive about 2CO.

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    there are some countries that couldn't make payment via clickbank..

    actually 2co is good to use but dun expect any good support from them.. they are living in different world.. sometimes you ask a question and they will give you some irrelevant answer.. because they dun really read what you asked...besides, please expect couple of days or weeks to get their reply even it is urgent.. there is nothing call urgent for them..

    i heard worldpay is pretty good,, check that out if ur budget is not tight.

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