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    backup drive questions

    I'm getting ready to order a server from resellerworkz and I have a question about the backup drive. here is the servers specs
    - AMD Athlon XP 2800 processor
    - 1024MB DDR RAM
    - 120GB ATA Hard Drive
    - 1000GB Bandwidth

    my first question is does the backup drive need to be the same size or can it be much small. Please note I will not be useing even 10th of the main drives space.

    ALso I just got an account with BQ Internet Corporation for backups, so do I even need a second drive for backup?


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    You said that you won't be using 10th of the main drive, so a smaller backup drive will be fine.... and for added security, you can still get the smaller drive even though you have a remote backup from bqinternet. The More Backup the better.

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    Extra backup is useful, but to be honest if you're getting two disks and have remote backup I'd put them both into software RAID1 (requires same sized disks), this ensures that should one drive fail your server wont go down, and the other drive will have all of your data stored.


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