I have access (free) to a Sun Enterprise 220R server to use for a small project. I also may be able to use some other non-current Sun hardware and I am trying to figure out (without access to a machine for a test) how quick it would compare to a current 32bit Intel based server, for example. I am looking for some type of benchmark archive maybe that would show tests typical to demonstrate speed serving web pages. Or maybe just a processor benchmark even. Just some way to say, hey, this is probably the equivelent of a P3 at x Mhz, for example.

The specific machine has dual 450Mhz processors (64 bit) and 1Gb RAM as well as Raid-1 SCSI storage. Can anyone guess what this would equate to in a current machine or point me to a resource with some benchmarks that might include this machine and current ones?

Thanks -