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    Thumbs up High Ranking Hosting related Domain for sale.

    Domain Name for Sale

    -Backlinks: 2,400
    -Ranked high for hosting related competitive keywords for over 2 years.

    If you’re interested in starting a hosting company or promoting a hosting related web site, is probably the right domain name for you. With the right on page optimization, your site will rank extremely high in search engines. We have invested around $10,000 over the past 3 years to acquire 2400 permanent backlinks for the domain name. We will optimize the main page of your web site for free with the purchase of

    Why is so valuable?
    1. isn’t just a typical domain name. It is “Search Engine” ready. If you know anything about search engine optimization, you know that it takes months to rank high in the search engines. One of the most important factors in ranking high is link popularity. It's also one reason why search engine optimization costs thousands of dollars. The domain name puts you years ahead of your competition. No Google sandbox effect to worry about. You would probably start to rank high by the next Google update.

    2. When we ran as a web hosting company, 90% of our business came from search engine traffic. We ranked in the top 5 for keywords such as web site hosting, web hosting company, web hosting provider, and low cost web hosting. The last time I check it would cost you around $2-3/click to rank top 5 in the sponsored listings of search engines like Yahoo and Google.

    To make an offer, email me at [email protected]. We are entertaining offers of at least 4 figures.

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    i PMed you

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    Wrong forum.
    Fabio A. Calderon

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    4 figures isnt it too much

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    The domain name has already been conditioned to rank high in search engines. The true value is when you look at the amount of efforts we've done in link building. The domain name has a pr5 and over 2400 links. If you want to promote your site in the search engines, you're going to need a lot of links with anchor text. I would recommend that you receive a quotes from a search engine optimization for aquiring 2400 links. They will give you a quote at $5 to $10 per link. That is around $12,000 to $24,000 in search engine marketing fees alone if you were to do it for a new domain name. We also include on page optimization for your web site free of charge. This is truly a steal, but only for the right individual who sees the truly value and opportunity.

    In fact, we currently have a site on the domain name that doesn't have on page optimization, and it still ranks in the top 10 on google for the keyword "web hosting company".

    We Build Pages dot com actually charges around $100 per link.

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    current stats available upon request

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    Top Domain For Rent

    I'm in agreement with 007 here.
    We specialize in high ranking domains specifically for local businesses of certain types in cities. The site is and we rent these out in some cases for up to 800 dollars per month. After all, these business types are only reaching local city web traffic. If I needed a domain for a hosting businesses, I'd surely pay 4 figures for that rank and backlinking pre-done. Most people may not realize the work involved in getting a site on the top of Google, Yahoo, Yellow Pages, etc. Bravo 007 for this, especially in such a competitive search term!

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