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    accessing awstats without login cpanel


    Is there a way to create access for our clients to awstats without them logging into Cpanel? Some people need access to the stats, but if they get into Cpanel, they WILL mess things up.

    Or is there any other stats programs you would recomend. We can add any code need to the web pages themselves if need be. I would also like something that reports info about monitor and color settings.

    Thanks for your help again!

    Richie Schut

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    Because you still have to login...

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    send them a capture screen of their stats.....

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    we run a cronjob to create a flat file version of stats - this is a modified version of the script that comes as part of the awstats package.

    you could do the same - grab the awstats package and modify the script that makes static files - copy the generated files to a directory in your own site, or one in theres, and you can specifiy access seperate from cpanel...
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    ta da......


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    Thanks all

    Thanks everyone for the info. Not sure what we are going to do at this point.

    Richie Schut

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    cPanel has a method for this built in.

    Create a file named 'pubstats.txt' and put it in your public_html folder. This is an empty file, it need not contain any information.

    Then use the following style URL:
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