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    Best Asia/Australia location


    Can you please help me with a suggestion about the best server location for Asia and Australia users?

    My goal is to choose the most reliable provider for multiple dedicated servers to work with in this region, but the main thing - I'm not sure about the best location...

    What should I choose - Hong Kong/Taiwan or Australia?

    Any feedback is welcome.


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    Most (or all?) of the dedicated servers in Hong Kong have limited international bandwidth.

    Australia servers are okay, apart from a much higher price for bandwidth then USA servers.

    Not sure about Taiwan servers sorry.

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    Equinix ( one of the best internet providers) has some locations in Asia.

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    If China is important to you, then I suggest Korea or Japan.

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    China itself is not important. Only Taiwan part

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    Hi bezel,

    You can contact the following dedicated server providers in Australia who should be able to help you out with your specifications:

    Lucian from
    Phillip from
    Troy from
    Brenden from
    Michael from
    Jon from
    Sean from
    Karthick from
    Stuart from
    Gary from
    Karl from

    All these guys should be able to help you out.

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    You can look into Korea. Singapore has a lot of bandwidth but they have capped all servers for international bandwidth, therefore its pretty slow.

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    Re: Best Asia/Australia location

    Get something on Singtel/Optus and you shouldn't have any international traffic problems. Traffic between AU and Singtel in Asia all stay on the same network and your AU users shouldn't notice any more then 7-10 hops once on the Optus network to reach your server in Asia.

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    Thanks. Looks like I've got enough information for Australia prividers.

    Does anybody has refferences to Korea-based providers?
    One person told me that Korea may have better bandwidth prices and it's very important to me. I'll need at least 1TB transfer per server...

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