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    Looking for some good shared and reseller hosting with cPanel? This host is especially good for those people who don't want to pay an arm and a leg just to host their small site. They have a small shared hosting package which includes 550 MB of space and 20 GB of bandwidth with 10 MySQL databases. They also have larger shared plans which include up to 800 MB of space and 40 GB of bandwidth. You can get up to 3 GB of space and 180 GB of bandwidth with their largest reseller plan. I've been with IFX for a little while now and have had no problems whatsoever. And they just got rid of their free hosting, which means they will most like provide even better support and features in the future.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention this, but you get 5 Addon Domains and Parked Domains on their shared packages.
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    I guess its the domain in your profile that you host with them?

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    Yes. I actually run 5 sites... but Sonic Planet is the main one.

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