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    Integrate Billing and Helpdesk?

    Hello all...

    I am running Modernbill and Cerberus. I just got the helpdesk and have her integrated with Modernbill. However, I have not launched the "system" to the users yet... I am just torn between launching integrated or to seperate them...

    My questions is this... Should I integrate the two products?

    I figure the following: (Pro / Con of integration)

    1. [PRO] Integration gives users one login
    2. [CON] Future product updates for cerberus or Modernbill may break the integration.
    3. [CON]I think support-center is more professional looking than just logging into Modernbill
    4. [CON] If I decide to change systems in the future the transition will be easier.

    I figure many of you ran the systems disjoined before the integration was possible. Additionally, some have done the integration. Is it better to integrate?

    I appreciate the advice.
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    I used them seperate and intigrated and my clients like the fact that they can track their tickets right in the same portal. I still use the public pod as well as do some of the clients who hardly go into modernbill. Plus the public pod looks great and potential clients have a chance to checkout your KB & Faq as well as send in a ticket to test your support response or ask a pre-sales question. I say do both!

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    The simplicity of one customer service site is definately nice. We utilize ClientExec's billing / support features, both of which have been wonderful.
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