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    Question About Yahoo hosting

    Does anyone have experience with yahoo hosting?
    What do you think about theirservice and support?
    I'm interested by the STANDARD plan for a business web site.


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    No experience on my end, but a search does turn up a few reviews.

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    price-to-features ratio is not good like many"good" shared webhosts will give -

    for example php-mysql combo will cost lot more

    if yours is database driven medium site , shared hosting may be better option than yahoo

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    The yahoo pagebuilder applet is probably the best feature of yahoo hosting. Its a good tool for newbies on the webdesigning scene. Infact, my website was hosted on yahoo pro shared hosting from when i was age 7 to 10. If its simplicity and easy customization that you desire, go for it.

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    I have only had experienced YahooDomains and that service wasn't very good. They were unable to deal with certain DNS server changes.

    Support is friendly, but email support isn't very fast.

    Honestly, you can probably find a better deal with a host that doesn't carry the brand name. Home of Generous George the Red Monster.
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    Not ever been with them some of my friends have and they certainly had some very bad things to say about them.
    If its your first site a low end cPanel plan may be a wise choice. Places like offfers plans which will offer more than yahoo hosting.
    Good luck

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    Thanks firends for your answers,

    Exactly, I've a business site, php-Mysql, already created and hosted that I like to transfer to Another host company because of the bad support that I have now.

    I've thinked about Yahoo hosting (STANDARD), When I've contacted the support many times to ask some question It lookes good but I've found in this forum many message of persons non happy about it....

    Note: I'm in montreal so I've no problem to call 1800... phone number.


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    Well if you are receiving bad support currently then Im not so sure yahoo hosting would be a positive move for you. Most feedback on yahoo has been support related. - Quality Web Hosting - Under A Gig! - Since 1999

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    its ok not the best if u want space and Bandwidth.

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