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    Lightbulb Managed or Unmanaged Dedicated Server?

    I am in the stage of finding a dedicated server to support my web hosting company. Should I get a managed server or an unmanaged server? What’s the difference between both of them? (Details) What would you recommend?

    Any bit of advice would really be appreciated. Thank you for taking your time and contributing.


    I am currently looking at dedicated servers from 1 & 1 Internet Inc., EV1 Servers, and Layered Technologies.

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    The fact that you don’t know what the difference is between a managed and unmanaged server hints to me that you may very well be better off going with a fully managed provider.

    What a managed provider does for you, (in theory) is takes care of all day to day administration tasks that your servers requires to stay online and to remain secure. This would include things such as regular security patching and system updates – many managed providers will also do things like 3rd party script installations and what not for you – and more. Every managed provider is different though, and vastly so. You’ll really need to analyze each and every one you’re looking at to determine which offers the most comprehensive services at a price that is within your price range.

    However, on the other hand, if you know how to take care of the server administration yourself, then you might want to go with an unmanaged provider to save money. But then it will be completely up to you to take care of all server security (not easy, especially if you’ve never done this before) and all aspects of administration. Your provider would not be responsible.

    Some managed providers you might want to take a look at are: – superb services, great network, excellent and friendly support staff. – fantastic administration team that really knows what they’re doing, and extremely affordable pricing. – Lucrative pricing, annoying IP justification regulations – Never had direct experience with them but a search on the forums shows that many people are now recommending this company.

    And more – there are dozens and dozens of managed providers, and many of them resell for the companies you listed above. For example, I know CeriPlex and ResellerWorkz resell for Layered Tech and can generally offer lower prices on their servers with above par service. Take a look, do some research, and good luck!

    Brendan Diaz

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    Ask yourself the following questions and if they come out 'No' then you need a managed server.

    1) Are you intimately familiar with the Operating System that you have selected to use ?

    2) Are you comfortable with setting up security measures such as firewall, tweaking and troubleshooting your system ?

    3) Are you available to fix issues as and when they occur ?

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