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    Revenue from ads on the basis of Page Impressions?

    I have a website which have guaranteed 5000+ unique hits a day and one with 17000+ unique hits a day..

    I have a whole block for advertisment free in both the sites which can support upto 50 ads....My websites have Google adsense on it..
    So is there any other affiliate program offered by any website which gives money on the bases of page impressions????

    Google sometimes with 6073 hits and 249 clicks a day gives me $0.And I hate that...

    Please post about any such affiliate program...

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    from Which country your traffic is from?

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    try clicksor

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    use fastclick for pay per impresion ads

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    hmm, so clicksor and fastclick pay for impressions, one of my sites gets 2000-3000 uniques a day so how much would I be able to earn from that? adsense doesnt seem to do too well.

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    clicksor is an alternative to google, fastclick for pay per impresion ads

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    Thanks guys...
    You help a lot..
    Once again thank you very much..

    Im thinking for fastclick but can anyone give me the url??

    Are 5000+ unique hits a day and 17000+ unique hits a day good or normal or bad?

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    and as for your hits, it depends what you're comparing them too really, but it's a healthy amount anyway. More than my sites.

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    ChrisTGP I cant open your website....

    BTW went to some internet optimizer page earlier.....I guess I have some adware in my comp..

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