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    I webmaster three sites with this service, and my brother has two accounts. His site has been down now for five days. As far as support goes there is NO phone support (an answering machine. No one has ever bothered to call back.), and he has only recieved two replies since reporting the problem with last thursday with a support ticket.

    The pages of are entirely generated by the Interchange shopping cart program. At the moment we have it temporarily redirected to just so the spiders can find an index page and list it. This is a location we were using before the .com became available. It is an old site with minimum products. We have spent many hours in the last few weeks submitting the site to search engines and promoting it just to have it "unavailable".

    I have been with this web hosting service for about four months now and have had a couple of problems. The first with the php XMB Discussion Forums going down, which they corrected in a couple of days, reporting to me that it was fixed, when it wasn't. The second with periods of slow page loading and page not found (404) errors. They have had a couple of periods of down time. Once for an entire weekend about two months ago. More recently an entire day. (Couldn't even access their site) So much for the 99% or uptime gurantee!

    Another thing I have notice, using NeoTrace to trace the routes to the web sites, it seems like every three weeks or so the server location has moved. What's up with that?

    As far as my brother's e-commerce web site,, there is no excuse in my mind for the site being down for five days in a row with out acceptable communication from the support staff.

    We can't even access the Interchange admin functions.
    Obviously Interchange is down. Fix it.

    Bottom line.

    This is not acceptable. We are now looking for a reliable web hosting service that offers Interchange as part of an economical beginning package with room to grow as the business grows.

    After we move to the new service, if it is a good one that is reliable, I will be moving all my sites to that service. I also have new clients on hold. IMHosted will be losing that business also.

    Two other things points of conern with this company.

    The control panel.

    Much of the time when one is using features in the control panel 404 page errors occur instead of loading the expected page. Such as editing the custon error pages, or using the PHPMySgl.

    Back up:

    One can down load a zipped back up copy of everything in the www folder. This does not back up the hours and hours of work one puts into the Interchange shopping cart adding products and
    designing the pages. All this is lost. They do not do back ups. Otherwise they could have restored the back up of last Thursday.

    How do I rate them? From a one to ten.


    Lack of problem solving skills by support staff.
    Lack of communication skills with customer.

    I am not pleased with this situation at all. I will now have to redo hours and hours of work.
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