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    Search engine promotion and management tools?


    I am looking for recommended search engine submission tools.. Preferably web based with scheduling and automation so I can set it to submit every month or whatever and pretty much forget it..

    Obviously I am looking for a cost effective system..

    What do you recommend?

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    To tell you the truth, Search Engine Submissions tools don't really work anymore.

    First of all, search engines will find your website without you having to submit it.

    Secondly, it's not about simply being listed, but rather showing up for good rankings for good terms.

    These days, it's necessary to manually optimize your website in order to reach the desired effect. I recommend as a good starting point.

    - AdWatcher - From the founders of HostVoice, comes the first ad management and tracking service created with web hosts in mind. Track Google AdWords, Overture, hosting directories, local advertising, etc. Compatible with ModernBill, WHM AutoPilot, ClientExec, PayPal, 2CO and others.
    - Pay Per Click Marketing Book - Don't spend another dollar on PPC ads before you read this book.

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    Thanks Boris, that looks like a useful site..

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