Want a reliable dedicated server? With technical support staff on hand that know what their talking about should you require assistance via many support methods ranging from email and support tickets to telephone support?

We are a small company with huge experience in the hosting field. We've worked with servers all our lives, and have used pretty much every one of the larger competitors in the hosting field.

And one thing was obvious about all the big companies- their support was terrible. Responses we got from them about our hosting accounts and servers were limited, and remote restarts took hours to take place. So, we simply gave up and got our own servers in a datacenter, and we're trying to help other people make a choice- big company, or small, friendly company.

We're experienced, we're fast, we have the resources, our prices are good comparative to any host on the market today.
Any questions?

From small solutions for medium to large communities, to high-performance enterprise class clusters, BlackICE Hosting can deliver.

We have experience in administrating and installing servers, and base our preconfigured LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP) setup on Suse Linux 9.1. We use Fedora Core 3, Mandrake 10. Redhat 9, and FreeBSD 5.1.2 *nix operating systems- all hand-picked for speed, reliability and operating dynamics.

All servers are given full root access and 100mbps connection via 4 burstable 1 gbps fiber-links to our upstream carriers. These fibers are dedicated and are directly connected to each carriers' backbone. This gives you a 100 mbps FX connection on your BlackICE Server to Song Networks to serve your Scandinavian customers and to NGDC (Level3) to serve the rest of the world. Our internal setup runs a full-mesh and the number of servers per switch, backbone-switch or router, will never exceed the backplane of the unit it is attached to or uplinked to.

Also with BlackICE you choose which operating system you want installed on your server between; Fedora Core 2, FreeBSD 5.3, Suse 9.1 LAMP, Red Hat 9.0, Mandrake 10.0 and Fedora Core 3, or if your new to hosting then Suse 9.1 VNC is for you. Our Suse 9.1 VNC package provides you with complete control over the installation via Virtual Network Computing with a graphical interface. We setup your Suse 9.1 server with VNC and let you take it from there giving you full control over your installation.

Expect more from your server? Then our Dedicated Platinum Package is for you with a massive 80GB hard drive for your server and an array of advanced automated backup systems ranging from Fully automated daily backups, Incremental backups and selected files backup to an emergency backup, even if your OS is dead coming soon with this package, these wil then be able to be restored at any time via your SSH2 console or by a BlackICE Technician.
You can't put a price on lost data so place your trust in our Dedicated Platinum Server now.

Our order and setup process only takes a maximum of 48 hours to get your system up-and-running, even with options such as cPanel/WHM and WHM AutoPilot. Usually it's much less, around 4 hours.

The datacenter environment is entirely managed your server being located in a highly secured InterXion state-of-the-art data center with physical security as first priority. Biometric entry systems coupled with full keycard and voice ID stops anyone getting to your server. VESWA smoke alarms use lasers to monitor particles to detect fires even before they become a hazard to your server or it's operation, and our hardware, if it fails, will be replaced within minutes.

Finally, we provide management services- want PHP on your BlackICE server? No problem. Simply contact a BlackICE technician and we'll help you. Want cURL installed? Just pick up the phone or send a mail, and we'll do it.

Standed Dedicated Server

* CPU: 2,2 Ghz Intel processor
* Hard drive: 40 GB
* IP addresses: 1
* NIC (Network Interface Card): 100 mbit

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Dedicated Platinum Server

* CPU: 2,4 Ghz Intel processor
* Hard drive: 80 GB
* IP addresses: 5
* NIC (Network Interface Card): 100 mbit
* + An array of automated backup systems

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cPanel/WHM Installation

Have the cPanel/WHM Control Panel licensed, installed and configured by our in-house technicians. Leaves your system in a perfect configuration for reselling, deploying feature-rich sites and providing powerful community solutions.

CPanel XP 2004 Skin

Add the Cpanel XP 2004 Skin to be installed to your CPanel control panel. (Must be purchased with CPanel/WHM)

cPanel RVskin

RVskin is the multi-languages, multi-themes advanced skin management software for cPanel server. RVskin is a best choice to differentiate your hosting services, lower your support needed, which result to lower cost to operate your business.

vBulletin Installation

Have the powerful vBulletin forum software licensed, installed and configured by our in-house technicians.

Invision Power Board Installation

Have the powerful Invision Power Board forum software licensed, installed and configured by our in-house technicians.

WHM Autopilot

Let our in-house technicians install Web Host Manager Autopilot on your server, for fast and automated reselling. Fully configurable.

Fantastico De Luxe

Fantastico De Luxe is an amazing CPanel/PHP based Web application. It integrates with CPanel and will automatically install several Open Source Applications into your clients' web space.

Website Design (Static)

Have our team design a site for you. Costs cover one site with no flash elements in HTML format.

Website Design (Flash Intro)

Our designers will create a introduction to your site in Flash, before redirecting your users to your site.

Website Design (Flash Header)

Let our designers create a site with a flash header outlining your company at the top, with full flash elements.

Website Design (Dynamic Flash)

Let our designers create a whole site in Flash, linked to images and text files that let you edit content quickly without having to recreate SWFs.

Plesk 7.5 Reloaded 30 Accounts License

Have the Plesk Control Panel with a 30 domain license installed and configured by our in-house technicians. Leaves your system in a perfect configuration for reselling, deploying feature-rich sites and providing powerful community solutions.

Plesk 7.5 Reloaded 100 Accounts License

Plesk 7.5 Reloaded 300 Accounts License

Plesk 7.5 Reloaded Unlimited Accounts License

Additional IP Addresses

Limited to 4 additional IP addresses on Standed Dedicated Packages (5 IP addresses in total) and 19 additional IP addresses on Dedicated Platinum Packages (20 IP addresses in total) Additional IP addresses may be purchased after signup by contacting [email protected]

Please visit http://www.blackicehosting.com for more details and for a list of the other hosting services that we offer including Shared and Reseller Services through to Gaming Servers.