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    [UK] Amazing deals on Dedicated servers, colocation and transit!

    Dedicated servers

    We are clearing out some dedicated server stock this week and can offer the following deals. Sign up this week to recieve this special pricing for the lifetime of your hosting relationship with us. No extra costs, no nasty suprises - the price you see is the price you pay!

    All servers come with 2 IPs, 100GB transfer, and CentOS linux pre-installed as standard. Ask if you require anything different. Machines will be hosted in Redbus Sovereign House on our gigabit tier 2 network.

    Deal 1 : AMD 1400+ blade, 512MB RAM, brand new 80GB disk. FREE SETUP, 39/month. In stock and ready to run - ONE ONLY

    Deal 2 : Celeron 2.6, 512MB RAM, brand new 80GB disk. 39/month with FREE SETUP if you pay quarterly (otherwise 49). In stock and ready to run - ONE ONLY

    Deal 3 : 1U P4 3.0GHz, 1GB RAM, 2 x 80GB hard drives software RAID1. Brand new machine. 49/month with 99 setup -or- 39/month with 249 setup hardware purchase deal (hardware is yours to keep after 12 months hosting)

    Includes FREE traffic graphing, 1GB off-site FTP backup space (100MBit connection), secondary DNS/MX servers, free reboots 24/7.

    Colocation specials

    Premium rack space in either Sovereign House or Meridian Gate (you choose). 100MBit ethernet connection to our gigabit network, up to 8 IPs, free reboots, traffic graphing and stats, free secondary DNS/MX server.

    Deal 1 : Space for 1U server, 250GB transfer - 19/month

    Deal 2 : Space for 2U server, 250GB transfer - 29/month

    Deal 3 : Space for 1 or 2U server, 10MBit 95th percentile bandwidth - 75/month

    Deal 4 : 47U Cab, individually lockable, 24/7 access, 10MBit 95th percentile bandwidth - 449/month

    Additional 10GB - 1/month, additional MBit bandwidth 25/MBit/month. APC remote reboot port - 3/month

    FREE SETUP on any of the above colo deals

    MiniATX hosting

    Host your miniATX kit (up to 350x450x100mm) or Shuttle PC (up to 200x185x300mm) in our racks. Ideal for low cost hosting.

    Deal 1 : Space for MiniATX/Shuttle, 250GB transfer - 19/month

    Deal 2 : Space for MiniATX/Shuttle, 500GB transfer - 29/month

    Deal 3 : Space for MiniATX/Shuttle, 750GB transfer - 39/month

    Deal 4 : Space for MiniATX/Shuttle, 1TB transfer - 49/month


    Finally, a few special offers on our multi-homed transit. All connections are via a pair of 100MBit ethernet links from our gigabit backbone. 99.9% availability SLA on all transit connections with service credits available if we fail to meet this level.

    Upstreams are Level(3), Rapidswitch and Caladan (x2) plus peers at XPE. Download an infrastructure map at

    Delivered as either fully routed IP with a range of IP addresses or as a BGP feed to your router

    Sovereign House/Meridian Gate pricing:

    1MBit - 25/month
    2MBit - 45/month
    5MBit - 75/month
    10MBit - 119/month
    20MBit - 199/month

    Harbour Exchange/Telehouse North/Telehouse East pricing:

    5MBit - 99/month
    10MBit - 149/month
    20MBit - 249/month

    FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE! No obligation trial of our connectivity services to prove network's reliability and speed. Email for details


    Test IP for ping:
    10MB download for speed test:


    Contact details

    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 0207 670 1670
    Fax: 0207 670 1677
    Post: NetrinoUK Ltd, 13 Austin Friars, London EC2N 2JX


    All prices subject to VAT. UK limited company number 4546088. VAT no GB 803 2436 65. All prices correct at time of posting. E&OE

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    Do you offer DirectAdmin with the dedicated servers?

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    Yes, 5/month extra per server.

    Also APC remote power switching 2.50/month/port.


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