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    35 for sale

    Was planning to develop, has been valued with a cmv of $400 and pmv $3800 however have been too busy to develop. Expires 12/5 however i WILL be renewing it if it doesn't sell. Post or pm your offer. is also for sale, expires 26/5, will also be renewing if doesn't sell. Great direct domain, have had some good offers in past but again was wanting to develop but probably not going to have time over next few months. Great product, direct name, will be able to get good se rankings and type ins.

    Oh i am using European dating so thats days/month. So post/pm me with domain and offer. Timespan is 72 hours with right to lengthen/shorten.

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    The Netherlands
    i do like
    could you say what you ask for it?
    i can pay by bank transfer (from the netherlands).
    if you don't ask to much i take it.

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