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    Need diet help, encouragement, jump-in

    Okie, i have made my mind to cut my weight, get the abs i was use to have 4-5 years ago.

    Little about myself right now:
    Age: 21+
    Weight: 200Lbs
    Height: 5'10"
    Waist : 38" (it is getting embarrassing, plus new clothes are expensive, especially suits )

    I have not worked out at all for over 2+ years now!

    Okie now my target is, in 3 months:

    Weight: 160Lbs (i want to lose 40Lbs)
    Waist: 30"-32"

    Suggest me reasonable things which I can do to reach my goal! I am willing to dedicate 1-2 hours daily. Also willing to eat healthly food (please suggest what i should eat, currently i eat rice and bread and vegitables/chicken/egg and all kind of junk food).

    So guys, first of all, my goal is possible or not? and if it is, than how!! SUGGEST PLZ. I NEED HELP!!

    - Henry!!

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    Here's what a friend of mine did who gained like 20 pounds after high school (I helped train him):

    1. stop drinking anything with sugar. this means if you drink coffee, drink it with NO sugar. most especially give up soda.
    2. drink water when you're hungry, most of the time when you think you're hungry you're just dehyrdated and then you eat more salty foods and it gets stored as fat.
    3. do you want to lose weight, or gain muscle? there's a difference. if all you want to do is lose weight, then do calisthenics (running, jumping rope etc)
    4. don't eat late at night and eat lots of smaller meals throughout the day.
    5. don't go on any of those "low-carb" diets, they're really unhealthy for you and you'll definitely gain the weight back eventually.
    6. if you eat a lot of dairy, cut back. drink skim milk, don't eat fried foods etc.

    That's all I can think of for now, but seriously, most of the time people eat when they're just dehyrdated so drink LOTS of water.

    You might want to get a personal trainer for a couple months just so that they can get you into the "mode".

    Edit: putting yourself on a goal like 40 pounds in 3 months is counterproductive. you want to encourage yourself. what you should do is set incremental goals and once you meet those, you'll get more drive to finish it all the way through. maybe 10 pounds the first 3 weeks then after that you can adjust it when you're in the zone.
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    Try going vegetarian, and keeping yourself busy.

    By keeping yourself busy, you'll have less a desire to eat: then when you do eat, you'll eat better foods.

    If you want to keep chicken, etc in your diet, try only eating organic foods. Varg is also right about drinking a lot.

    One thing I noticed is that the heavier the food is you eat, the more weight you gain. You can have a salad with full-fat dressing, and it will be better for you than a dinner role [using the example lightly.]

    Also as an FYI, your body naturally goes through 2000 calories a day, and there's roughly 3500 calories per pound.

    Also [2], while exercising burns little calories, it focuses blood on other parts of your body than your stomach, so it supresses the need for food.

    Also [3], muscle helps to burn fat, so if you get in shape, weighing less will come naturally. If you try to just lose weight, you stand the chance of taking away from muscle as well as fat.

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    Sex causes people to drink alcohol and eat cakes etc. It also makes us very hungry. You need to totally give up sex.

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    and i thought SEX is good workout!!

    I dont drink or smoke so i am good there. I also have no problem being vegitarian since i am already half vegitarian.

    I will be going for 4 miles of walk/jog and some tennis to give it a start! Other than that i will be drinking 8-9 glass waters per day, and still to decide on food stuff.

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    Enter your weight and how long you intend to perfoem a given activity. It will tell you how many calories you've burned.

    If you walk nine holes of golf carrying your clubs, you'll burn 1,100 calories! I didn't believe this at first, but I checked a few other charts, and the lowest one was only about 70 calories less. I'm also figuring 9 holes walking takes about 2 hours.

    Now, that's a workout plan I can stick to!
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    Begin reading:

    Cardio is vital for losing weight.
    Lifting light weights is important if you want to cut. Cutting burns the fat around your muscle, however will burn some muscle as well.

    Decrease your carb intake, avoid sugars at all costs and increase your protein intake.

    But most importantly head over to a great source of information.
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    Cut down the excess fats and sugars, and reduce overall calories. But don't try to starve yourself into extra fast weight loss. You need to have enough nutrition to feel well and build muscle. Although you should skimp on the desserts, if you do have a cookie, don't decide "Oops, I'm off my diet, I might as well have a dozen more to wash it down with." Try to develop non-fattening eating habits you can live with, not a short-term weight-loss torment to endure and then return to previous bad habits.
    Start your exercise program gradually. Too much too soon and you get injuries, and then you have to stop long enough for some of your previous gains to atophy. Exercise that is fun will help keep you motivated. For a given set of muscles a hard workout should be at least two days apart. You can workout almost every day by alternating exercises. Swim, bike, run. That's how triathlon was invented. If you feel like you're starting to develop an injury, stop pushing yourself. Give it enough days off to heal, and then start building up again from an easier level. If you try to tough it out against an injury, the injury will worsen faster than it can recover and strengthen, and when it does take you out of action it will take you out longer.
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    Eating fruit is probably better than drinking juices. The fruit won't have the added sugar, it may have more vitamins, and it may have more fiber. Cooked cereals will fill you up with fewer calories than processed cold cereals. The cooked cereal will usually have more fiber.
    Drink a good amount of water. It will help fill you up, and it will keep you well hyrdrated for your workouts. A busy kidney is a happy kidney.

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