Unique Visitors per Month:

March: 2,500

April: 672 thus far

Stats are also down in April due to a server change and associated downtime.


Mostly from Google,MSN and Baidu. A lot of traffic also comes from my network sites. I will keep the link to the site on my network for 1 month after sale. We also have affiliations with several other sites.



March - $32.70
April - $2 thus far


$10 or so each month (unverifiable)


Revenue has decreased due to me neglecting the site.
It runs on an open source CMS - and has full admin features to control basically everything. The template is a freely available one also.
It should not be hard to get the revenue and stats back up with some SEO and link affiliations. You could also try Amazon.
lso, I think the domain name is of reasonable value, all other TLD are taken and mobile gaming will only get bigger.
PR should also increase after the next round of updates (being linked to by several PR5 sites).
I am selling it because I don't have time to invest in it - mobile gaming (ie PSP and DS) is only going to get bigger.


Offers over $250 via PM. Payment via Paypal.