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    Merchant Accounts

    I am currently looking for an international merchant account because 2checkout services had become really unreliable.

    As most of you might have know they converted to this version 2 of their system. And in my opinion this migration is causing a lot of unwated problems, like balance in my v1 and not transfered over to my v2..etc.. Their customer support is non existence. They don't even reply, I sent them like 3 tickets over 2 weeks. NO REPLIES. Lousy.

    I wanted to consider other 3rd party cc processor, but i figured out the cost of 5% is not worth it. That is like $100 for ever $2000 sales.

    But on the other hand, there are no merchant accounts lower than 4.5% for international merchant.

    What is the problem with interntional merchant over US merchant being able to get 2%? I wish I lived in the states!

    Any recommendation on merchant account/ cc processors would be great.

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    I think that the big issue is recovering money from a merchant if the merchant is shady. It's pretty much impossible to sue a company across borders (or at least prohibitively expensive).

    Where are you based? Have you tried a merchant account through a local bank?

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    Well in the United States we have what is called Social Security Number. And then we hav a driver's license number. These numbers help to track individuals. There are companies that keep reports on us Americans that have things like when / if we pay our bills on time, etc.

    Companies that do charge more for set-up etc, have my vote more because they understand the costs involved in keeping up a company like that.

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    Aaron, probably Worldpay or eNets would be more suitable for your requirements.

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