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    Awptix Introduces New VPS Line with FREE Management, FREE First Month

    After over half a year of sleepless nights, tic-tacs, and bug-testing,
    Awptix Internet Solutions have finally created the perfect VPS environment.
    We're proud to present our new Virtual Private Servers.

    We construct our VPS solutions with three aspects in mind: price,
    automation, and control.


    It is possible to give the prices of someone who oversells without
    overselling. By utilizing state-of-the-art backup systems and load
    balancing, we are able to completely fill servers without fear of downtime,
    loss of data, or lack of space.


    You will never need to log in to shell on your VPS. Our staff manages
    specially-made scripts which keep your VPS up-to-date and worry-free.


    Our paintstakingly-created control panel, Pilot, will allow you to manage
    every aspect of your VPS.

    Interested? Read on for our WHT-ONLY specials!


    -Memory: 64MB

    -Hard Drive: 5GB

    -Bandwidth: 50GB

    -IP Addresses: 2

    -Setup: $10.00

    -Month: $25.00


    -Memory: 128MB

    -Hard Drive: 10GB

    -Bandwidth: 100GB

    -IP Addresses: 2

    -Setup: $10.00

    -Month: $39.00


    -Memory: 192MB

    -Hard Drive: 15GB

    -Bandwidth: 150GB

    -IP Addresses: 4

    -Setup: $10.00

    -Month: $49.00


    -Memory: 256MB

    -Hard Drive: 20GB

    -Bandwidth: 200GB

    -IP Addresses: 6

    -Setup: $0.00

    -Month: $75.00


    -Memory: 512MB

    -Hard Drive: 30GB

    -Bandwidth: 300GB

    -IP Addresses: 6

    -Setup: $0.00

    -Month: $89.00

    ** With this package, you're guaranteed one out of five slots on our Expand

    That's right! Each of our Expand servers has only FIVE accounts!

    Management: $40.00/mo per VPS

    Backup Space: $35.00/mo per VPS

    You are able to choose from the following operating systems for your VPS:

    FreeBSD 4.11-RELEASE, $0.00/mo

    FreeSBD 5.3-RELEASE, $0.00/mo

    Gentoo Linux, $0.00/mo

    Cent OS 3.4, $0.00/mo

    Cent OS 4.0, $0.00/mo

    Windows 2000 Server, $25.00/mo

    Windows 2003 Server, $30.00/mo

    And the following Control Panels:

    cPanel, $20.00/mo

    Plesk (100 Domains), $20.00/mo

    Helm, $25.00/mo

    Plesk (Unlimited Domains), $35/mo

    If you would like us to manage your server, including security updates,
    program installations, bandwidth monitoring, and user creation, you can
    purchase our VPS management package for only $40.00/mo.[/b]

    Use the promo code 'WHTVPS' to recieve your FREE management and one month

    Awptix Internet Solutions
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