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    Data Center Location Choice

    I am a web developer for mostly local, New Jersey, companies and organizations and their target viewers are mostly local. Does it make any difference at all to have my server in Texas? I live not far from DedicatedNow but I prefer to have my server at EV1.

    How much difference does it make to use the data center in your home area, or East Coast, as oppose to using one in, let's say, the other end of the country, West Coast?


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    it'll be fine, they wont notice a differance - but i would get a local one just for the aspect of it, also closer would yield faster downloads (possibly)

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    Hello, I live in NJ also, but I colocate my servers in Texas. Most of my clients are local to me and they dont complain at all about speeds.

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    As long as it isn't a latency sensitive application, like game servers it shouldn't matter that the datacenter is located in Texas.

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    Thanks for the quick response.

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