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    How to make a fit to screen website

    I recently built myself a website using dreamweaver. Now this was my first time using this so I didnt know exaclty what I was doing. I finished the site and I noticed that if you decrease the window size the site does not decrease with the window to avoid the horizontal scroll bar, I was wondering how to make it so the site would fit to the screen, if anyone knows how I can go about doing this I would appreciate it hearing from you.


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    set the table width & height to 100%.

    If you have done the website in photoshop, it might take some fiddling. - Cheap, Modern web design.

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    Hi There -

    Also, depending on your design you might want to specify the outside tables to 800 x 600 and simply center the site; that way no images will get warped & columns/rows won't be misaligned.

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    Hello DK-man,

    Put the whole website into a table. If you want your website to fit even on a 15" 800x600 monitor, set the table width to 760 pix. The cell padding and cell spacing value for that table should be 0.

    Like ssmith said, it's better to fix the width of the table, otherwise you will have a lot of misaligning.

    Hope that helps
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    The other thing to consider is if you have included graphics in your website. For example, if you have several navigation links along the top of the page in a horizontal layout, then side-by-side the images may be too big for the screen.

    So if your screen is on a 800x600 resolution, and you have 11 graphics 100 pixels wide, your website will be a total of 1100 pixels wide... far too big for an average resolution screen.

    I made this mistake several times in the early days. :-)

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    In addition to what is said. You can set a table width to 100% but make sure that you specify column width for columns that need a fixed width (menus or other graphics). If you don't specify the width of the other columns in a table they will expand or contract depending upon screen resolution.
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    Yes.I think that put the whole website into a table is a good idea.Just do it .

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