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We have decided to introduce a pay per performance system for freelance writers on Monsters and Critics. This system will pay you according to how articles perform on the site on a rolling basis for as long as they are generating reads.

The exact formula we are going to use varies depending on whether you are submitting news, reviews, and features or writing a column. This is to account for the repeat value of certain content and the relatively high impact that very short news story can have. We hope it will also encourage mixed submissions across our categories. We are aware of the danger of only ‘glamour’ areas attracting attention so will make adjustments in % on those areas to attract writers once we have run the beta for a month or so.

As a rough guide it will be 25% - 50% of the net revenue.

The reason we are doing this and not just offering a flat fee is we do not have the capital or want to take the risk commissioning articles. If we were going down that route then it makes more financial sense for us to pay for syndicated content from an agency. It also reflects how most non-subscription online only web sites generate income.

The benefit for you is that we will pay for as long as the article is being read. So potentially you may make more than if we paid you a flat fee. I say potentially as it really depends on how articles do, overall site traffic and our average advertising rates. So it may take many months to make a reasonable amount or a six-line news story might be read 20,000 times in a few days. In some ways it will also give you a stake in the popularity of the site, since as overall traffic goes up the chances of someone reading an article will also rise.

A profile linked from your by-line will also be available if desired, hardly a substitute for pay up-front but might be of benefit to some.

We are fairly busy (20,000 unique per day), a Google News Source, a source and aggregated by numerous feeds and sites. The site has also increased traffic 1000% since the start of the year. We believe it is one of the fastest growing entertainment sites on the Internet. The site also has fairly steady income that grows with traffic and more recently beyond the traffic rate.

We are running an initial beta period to see how it works out and so we can tweak % payments and other factors. This is to allow for the differences in how many people will read certain types of articles, the return visit value and their longevity.

You can read more about this on this page:

Contact freelance at monstersandcritics dot com if you are interested, please read the above page before doing so.

Thank you for your interest.