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    Better control over Plesk-based VPS

    I feel that with so many companies offering VPS plans now, beyond service and plan specs, one of the areas that hosts can gain more customers, and keep customers happy is by offering value-added software. I've posted in this thread ( about offering Urchin, a web stat app.

    I'm planning to get a VPS plan in two weeks (finally!) and started to look at ways to improve my VPS experience. Even though the host I will go with offers "fully-managed" service, I think it might be wise to invest in software to reduce headaches, and improve service. To that end, I was interested in some products by a company called 4PSA. They have a long history of offering add-on software that intergrates into the Plesk control panel. (If you are using another control panel, you might want to stop reading now. )

    Now, I'll try not to sound like a darn ad (or a marketer for them), so let me point out an interesting product of theirs. It's called "Server Assistant" (

    PSA Server Assistant gathers advanced statistics and verifies system parameters. When a service is found down or lacking automatic actions are performed to maximize server uptime. Advanced real-time graphics and uptime statistics are also computed.
    Sounds good right? Look at the link above for a complete list of features.

    So, I was thinking that this little integrated software for Plesk could be extremely useful. Sure, you can get all that info via shell and run some cron scripts, but having it within the Plesk control panel is mighty handy IMHO. What made me worried though was whether this product would run on a VPS environment -- Virtuozzo. I asked 4PSA and they confirmed by email today that indeed it works on VPS servers.

    Next, I'm wondering the best way to purchase Server Assistant? I'm not 100% clear on the licensing issues, but it seems to me that hosts could partner with 4PSA, and offer Server Assistant (and other 4PSA software) to their customers to their customers at good discounts.

    As for me, if I can't sweet talk my next VPS host to explore such an idea, it seems like the best (cheapest) route is to get the 30-domain license of Server Assistant for $69. (I don't think I would run more than 30 domains on a VPS anyhow!)

    Well, the purpose of this thread was to (a) introduce technology to users of VPS/and hosts to make their server admin easier (b) point out to hosts how they can attract more customers, and make their current ones more happy (c) get feedback on 4PSA products running on VPS servers. (I would appreciate any feedback please!)

    (Note to MODs: I think this post belongs in VPS board, but if you think it should be in Web hosting biz, go ahead and move it.)


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    Just a quick note: The second email I recieved from 4PSA stated that running Server Assistant wouldn't place any unsual loads on the VPS. In addition, their support staff mentioned that it has alreaady been installed on 100s of VPS acoounts. Obviously, they won't give me their customer's names so I can ask for feedback. Well, someone in this forum must be using 4PSA stuff. Opinions?


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