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    What would you do?

    We have a problem that we need yalls help with. We recently had a customer sign up for one of our paid services with paypal and the payment cleared and we were ready to set up their account. The only problem was when we sent an email to them informing them their account was ready it returned saying that email address did not exist.

    So, what should we do? We don't want this person bad mouthing our company saying we didn't setup the account for them. Is there a way we can find out their email address by checking their IP or something (we log all IPs). Or should I just ignore the signup?

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    Do you collect the phone # for your clients? You could simply give them a call...

    You might also consider sending a letter to the address on file for that customer explaining the situation, and that they need to do [insert whatever they need to do to update their email address] for you to set up their account.

    Not the fastest method, but at least you're making some effort to get in contact with them...
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    Does his Paypal e-mail work? You might have already thought of that but I thought I'd ask.
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    You could also check the tech contact on their whois for the domain listing - if they have that set up already!

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    Yes I sent it to both emails and they both returned.

    Do you collect the phone # for your clients? You could simply give them a call...
    No I don't collect phone numbers however I do collect address'. I will try sending a letter out.
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    I would contact Paypal directly. Explain to them what happened...and let them check it out. I can tell you...maintaining a workable email address is a must and is part of the user agreement...not having one is a serious breach and/or a sign of fraud. I would keep a close eye on that account as well.


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    Why don't you do a whois lookup for the domain, if it already registered. It seems to be the ideal way if you could not find him over the mail.

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    If his paypal address is not valid, probably he might haven't received payment sent notice from paypal...

    Its best you inform PayPal about this... infact they must be having the person's phone number as well...
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    Don't worry about it. Sometimes mailserver are down on their end. But unreceived mails will continue to be sent from your mailserver to them, I am sure he will reply soon.

    If he is a real customer ( not any fraud order), he will contact you soon anyway.

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    Yes I sent it to both emails and they both returned.

    Over what time frame?

    Is it possible the email address is good but the server was down? Have you tried it more than once?

    Are there any stray characters in the address? I've seen cases where there was an extra / or . that caused the failure.

    If nothing else, do a 'Refund' through PP and see what happens.


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    Hi John,

    I guess you should check whether the account credited is fraudulent or not. try contacting paypal about this and get back to the customer again.

    Hope things work out for you. Goodluck.

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    leave a message

    contact their email provider

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