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    expanding, some advice please

    I've been doing map hosting for the past year and I've done reasonably well in that market. My site is and I was wondering what do you guys think I could do to spand my market into regular web hosting. I've already included a few lines indicating the hosting I provide can be used for more than simple map hosting.

    Any advice is appretiated.

    Alexander Davila
    Map & Web Hosting

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    a new design would be cool

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    I think you have a good site for what you're currently doing. If you have a good reputation, you should be able to move into the hosting business quite easily. I'd rework your site a little to indicate that you are a hoster and not just with a few lines of text, and I'd advertise that fact--both locally and online.

    Good luck!

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    Make sure you move slowly so that the if there is fall back it won't crush you

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    Create a new section for the regular web hosting you are to offer, seperating it from your current market so not confussing visitors. Good Luck with you new venture.

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