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  1. #1 :: Your own FREE Image Host!! Turnkey Image Hosting

    I am selling a fully automated turnkey free image hosting website for $149.95 USD complete with 6 Months of FREE Hosting!

    Whats included in the CUSTOM built script,
    :: Automatic creation of users directories and easy user image uploads
    :: While images appear immediately in users galleries, all new images appear in the admin section where you can approove / delete the images so YOUR in control!
    :: Air Tight Terms of Service!
    :: Full Group, Account & Configuration Manager
    :: Full SMTP Authentication
    :: Update ad codes and branding instantly over EVERY member gallery, no uploading required, from ANYWHERE in the world!
    :: Turn off new signups temporarily with the click of a button
    :: Statistics, find out how many users, groups, images and pending users you have.
    :: User E-Mail Verifycation, users are E-Mailed a secret URL when they signup that they must visit to confirm their account. All accounts must be confirmed before they may upload anything.
    :: No files, JUST images uploaded! Top notch security to make it so people can only upload JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP and PNG files to their account.
    :: Change max images and max image size with the click of a button.
    :: Change users groups easily!
    :: Configure groups to show ad's, branding, allow users to have their own custom headers and more!
    :: Users can have private and public galleries, private galleries require a password to be entered before images can be viewed, public galleries can be viewed simply by going to the URL.
    :: Top password encryption, your users passwords are totally safe!
    :: FULLY Tested, every little bit

    Hosting Includes,
    :: Shared Gold Hosting Package @

    The script has been FULLY tested and it all works like a charm, the signup form has special javascript so people cant move on without agreeing to the terms, and they have to enter a valid E-Mail address.

    This is a great opportunity, so take it!

    E-Mail ALL Inquiries to [email protected], take a free test drive @ user signup is free and you can check out what it's like as a user. Admin CP Screenshots are Available upon request.

    To buy E-Mail [email protected], I'll re-post when someone has purchased it!

    I accept PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, JCB and Discover Payment Methods.

    IMPORTANT NOTE :: The version available for preview above is a used version, a clean installation with no members or images will be created seperately for the buyer at the same location, effectively just a fresh copy!
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