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    Starting Out

    got plans sorted, just need some advice on advertising and attracting customers

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    Over all, I love the design, if its a custom template, I give 4 thumbs up to your designer. And as far as advertising and attracting new customers go, I would suggest advertising locally first. Local buisness's, restraunts, schools, etc. may need a website and you just don't know it. You could then get a design, hosting, domain etc job which could pay in some good revenue.

    Something to think about, last thing, good luck and have fun!
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    Neat and sensible pricing, go local , go everywhere you know shake hands , give namecards, establish a reputation that there is a web hoster in the neighbourhood.....

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    Try learning how to use the search function here at WHT as this has been asked again and again.

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    banner advertising
    forums signatures
    google adsense

    Just some ways to advertise

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    I'm a strong advocate of Pay Per Click advertising. Being involved in both the search engine and the hosting industry for so many years, I believe that there is still tremendous potential that lies in Google, Overture (and soon even MSN).

    Of course, don't expect to get great results first. PPC search engines are powerful, but they take a lot of work. There is a lot of excellent, free information available on the web that can show you how to advertise effectively. Make sure to take advantage of that.

    Also, check the "tutorials" section of this forum for more ideas.

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    the templte resembles a tm templte i may be wrong just a huntch is that correct or am i wrong (honestly dont hold me to it jsut looks familiar)
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    cheers for the advise much appreciated.
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    I really like your layout. Good Job! For advertising, make sure you submit a press release in the newspaper. If you are interviewed, you'll save a good amount of bucks cause then you don't have to give an add.
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