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    Question Newbie with a Few Requirements Looking for Host Recommendations

    My website is starting out as a vague concept, mainly just a personal site, just to get my feet wet. But eventually I'd like to add video, sound clips, flash, and some sort of ecommerse paypal/credit card. I'd like a few emails at my domain and maybe some subdomains, and to have my site pop up on searches when searching a specific name or key words or phrases. Other than that, I can't think of anything. I want to be able to experiment and grow as I go.

    thanks for taking the time.


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    To start you should probably get a relatively small plan and then upgrade it as your needs grow. Most companies are willing to help your site grow and let you upgrade fairly painlessly. So don't think you have to start out with some large amount of space and bandwidth right away. That said there are plenty of hosts that can get you started here at webhostingtalk.
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    as your just starting out.. ill recommend being careful and dont belive Unlimited bandwidth and diskspace because if you get any sort of traffic quite high .. they will kick you.

    as said most hosts wuill be ok for you to start with.

    what sort of buget are you looking at
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    I recommend Ion Web

    They will take good care of you and you will have plenty of room for growth.

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    Read (and re-read) the thread below and you'll be on the right path.

    Good Luck!
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    In order to get started with some basic hosting, it is always recommended that you look for some host which can provide you with some personal help when it comes to assist you out in some parts of making the site hosted. This becomes necessary in case of the clients who are looking for getting the site hosted for in order to get aware of the concepts.

    You will find many hosts that will be ready to offer you with their basic plans. But at the same time please make sure that you also have the complete details for their support quality.

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    Thanks for all your responses.

    I also meant to ask: Are there any issues with using a Mac?

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    No it does not matter what OS the client using.

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